For Service Providers

SDA MANAGEMENT AUSTRALIA provides the crucial link in SDA between investors, builders and developers and SIL providers and their clients.

Our goal is to see SDA become more readily available to those most in need, by offering a comprehensive management service for SDA property owners, delivered at an affordable rate to people with a disability that are participants in the NDIS.



SDA management Australia has systems in place to alleviate the current challenges for providing NDIS approved housing by acting as the lease holder and enrolling all SDA properties on behalf of the owners.

What does this mean for SIL providers?;

• SDA Management Australia’s structure as the registered SDA provider meets the criteria required by the NDIS for separating SIL and SDA services offered to participants.

• Provides access to suitable accommodation for all SIL clients without the SIL provider having the added commitments, responsibilities and costs associated with running a separate company to maintain enrollment on behalf of property owners in order to gain access to suitable properties for their clients.

• Provides a full property management and maintenance service for all SDA properties, including inspections, maintenance, and provision of individual tenant lease agreements, while SIL providers maintain the benefits associated with remaining the point of contact for all SIL Participants.

• Provide properties to SIL providers at no cost under a formal lease arrangement. SDA Australia provides 100% of the lease documentation at no cost to SIL providers.

• We work with SIL providers closely to ensure properties will meet the criteria for both their staffing requirements and the requirements of the prospective tenants.

SDA Management Australia are in constant contact with developers and builders and can offer feedback and arrange for specifications to suit particular needs.

Service Provider Services

SDAMA Registered Provider

No Cost To SIL Providers

SDA Management Australia offers the opportunity to SIL providers to have full control of a new and enrolled SDA dwelling at no cost.

Our services take away the cost of purchasing, acting as the enroller, and the associated costs of enrolling and maintaining an SDA property.  Our company also provides all paperwork for your participants to enter into a lease agreement for each home, inspections and reports, also at no cost to providers.

These services and the homes are provided at no cost to the SIL provider, leaving the companies to focus on their core business.

SDAMA Systems Management

We Are Responsible For Compliance

SDA Management Australia handles all compliance and reporting associated with SDA properties.

SDA acts as the enroller, therefore taking on all responsibility for policies and procedures surrounding the properties and property management.  In addition we also complete all inspections and reporting on the properties, and are also responsible for audits as part of our process.

Our management systems are online based and, are automatically updated in line with any changes to NDIS / NDIA / SDA or government policies to give assurance that you will be dealing with a company that is fully compliant at all times.

SDAMA Maintenance

SIL Providers Remain As Point Of Contact

Our system ensures that SIL providers act as the point of contact for participants, which enables the best outcome for placing prospective tenants in their new home.

SDA Management Australia will deal with your plan manager, or accommodations officer direct.  This ensures that participants are dealing with the one agency and one person, which assists in providing an easier, and as stress free transition for participants into their new home.

We provide all paperwork required for each tenancy, and are responsible for conducting all inspections of the property including maintenance and repairs and accessible home reports.

We also provide full details on all of our homes we manage, to support SIL providers and allied health professionals in assessing suitability of the accommodation type for the participants applying for SDA in their plan.

Service Provider Forms

SDA Management Australia Download Property Request Form

SDA Management Australia Download Property Maintenance Request Form