For Landlords

SDA MANAGEMENT AUSTRALIA has designed unique and specialised systems to make property ownership and investment in SDA as simple as owning a regular investment property.

We consult with specialised industry partners to ensure on going compliance according to SDA and NDIS requirements.


SDA Management Australia Lodges your property for SDA Enrollment By acting under a leaseholder arrangement, SDA Management Australia is able to alleviate the main challenges currently involved with SDA property ownership;

1. SDA Management Australia will act as the registered SDA provider on the property owners behalf, reducing paperwork, costs and ongoing compliance required by NDIS / NDIA.

2. SDA Management Australia will submit for enrollment of the property through NDIS / NDIA.

3. SDA Management Australia will handle portal registration, and submit and receipt for the quarterly payments on the property owners behalf.

4. SDA Management Australia will receive individual rental payments from participants within the property.

5. SDA Management Australia acting as the receiver of NDIS payments negates the current minimum holding times for SDA property, allowing the owner to sell if the need arises.

6. SDA Management Australia will manage all annual reporting, inspections and compliance required by the NDIS to maintain enrollment of the property

7. SDA Management Australia will organise any maintenance, repairs or modifications to the home to be designed and or carried out by suitably qualified tradespeople.

These services above are not comprehensive and are in addition to our general services where we can also take care of the paperwork necessary for the payment of; -rates, services, body corporate levies, insurance premiums, smoke alarm and safety switch inspections, general maintenance invoices, and works carried out under warranty.

Both general services and specialised services are covered within our management fees.

Landlord Services

SDAMA Registered Provider

Enrolment Service

SDA Management Australia will handle the enrollment of your property with the NDIA / NDIS.  This format saves landlords the time and money involved in enrolling an SDA dwelling.

SDA Management Australia will be responsible not only for general management duties, but will also be responsible for compliance with management systems, policies and procedures required by the NDIS, and handle all audit requirements, taking the extra work out of owning an SDA property.

SDAMA Maintenance

We Co-ordinate With Your Builder

SDA  Management Australia uses an NDIS online based compliance format for all of our company management systems. This ensures that the services we provide to owners are current and up to date at all times.

This online portal assures landlords that we are consistently in line with any new policies and procedures that may be introduced by the NDIS / NDIA for Specialist Disability Accommodation.

SDAMA Systems Management

Online Systems

SDA Managment Australia works with your builder to ensure that advertising for availability on your property commences as soon as possible.

Our services include coordination between the builder, ourselves, SIL providers, LHA assessors and prospective tenants during the construction process to ensure as smooth a hand over as possible.